CT Cardiac Calcium Score: Michele’s Story

Meet Michele: a healthy and vibrant woman in her 50s, a wife, a mother of 5, and a grandmother to 9. Over the past 5 years, Michele pursued proactive measures to optimize her cardiovascular well-being, prompting her decision to undergo a CT Cardiac Calcium Score test at TRA Medical Imaging in the fall of 2023. This pivotal examination played a transformative role in her healthcare journey. Read

CT Cardiac Calcium Score: Michele’s Story

 Michele’s story below:

“Despite maintaining a health-conscious lifestyle, including a plant-based diet, regular exercise, and no history of smoking, my cholesterol levels had gradually increased since reaching the age of 50. In response, my healthcare provider recommended monitoring through yearly lab tests and suggested the incorporation of natural supplements to lower cholesterol levels. Over a five-year period, despite adherence to these measures, my cholesterol levels remained higher than anticipated. Although I was experiencing no other

health issues, I decided to take further action.

It was only upon learning about the CT Cardiac Calcium Score exam, a diagnostic test that gauges the extent of atherosclerosis (the buildup of plaque) in the primary heart arteries, that I recognized the importance of verifying whether elevated cholesterol was contributing to heart disease. Despite my strong commitment to a healthy lifestyle, the result revealed a 25% blockage in a major heart artery. This unexpected finding, combined with additional blood work, provided my healthcare provider and me with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of high cholesterol and guided our decision-making for the future.

My earlier assumption that my arteries would be clear due to my overall health was challenged. Although heart attacks ran in my family, they typically occurred later in life, and I believed I was significantly healthier. This revelation underscores the significance of diagnostic tools such as CT Cardiac Calcium Scoring in identifying potential cardiovascular issues.

It is imperative for women to take a proactive approach to their cardiovascular health, given the tendency to prioritize the well-being of others over their own. While annual or biennial mammograms are commonly considered, many women may underestimate the risks associated with elevated cholesterol levels and undetected heart disease.

I encourage women to consider CT Cardiac Calcium Scoring as a cost-effective means of monitoring the buildup of plaque in their heart arteries, contributing valuable insights to their overall health assessment.”

When it comes to the heart, knowledge is not just power – it’s protection. To learn more about the CT Cardiac Calcium Score exam, including what to expect, insurance coverage, and where it’s offered, visit: https://www.dinw.com/services/ct-scan/cardiac-ct

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