Our Roadmap for AUC

At DINW, we recognize that change is not easy, that this is a new and potentially burdensome regulatory requirement, and that overnight adoption is not expected or remotely possible. To support the transition of our referring provider community, we have established the following roadmap for AUC in 2020:


January-April: Education

Our focus in early 2020 will be on provider and practice outreach. We want to make sure that you and your staff understand these new regulatory requirements and can identify the tools that will be required for successful reporting. To support early adoption, we will be rolling out a Medicare Advanced Imaging Referral Form where referring providers or delegates can document which qCDSM was consulted and what the result was. A free web-based tool is available to support AUC consultation:

CareSelect Imaging – Open Access


May-September: Optimization

This spring, we anticipate rolling out a new Radiology Information System with a new Referring Provider Portal. This web-based portal will not only allow you to view your patients’ orders and reports but will also have capabilities for Computerized Order Entry. Embedded within the CPOE platform will be the opportunity for AUC consultation with automatic transmission of AUC results along with your order. For practices with connected EHR systems, we will also be working to update interfaces such that AUC results can be transmitted along with electronic orders from your EHR.


October-December: Implementation

Based on current timelines and regulations established by CMS, documentation of AUC consultation will be required for all Medicare advanced imaging orders (CT, MR, PET, Nuclear Medicine) after January 1, 2021 or those services will not be provided. While timelines may be subject to change based on the 2020 rulemaking process, financial penalties for noncompliance are currently expected to begin on January 1, 2021. During the fourth quarter of 2020, we will be working with our referring provider offices to ensure that all the necessary processes and tools are in place to successfully report AUC consultation and will be encouraging broader adoption. By January 1, 2021, all Medicare advanced imaging orders must be accompanied by documentation of AUC consultation.