Walk-In CT

Walk-In Non-Contrast CT Hours

  • Monday – Friday:  9:00 am – 4:00 pm (All locations except Gig Harbor)
  • Saturday: Not available at TRA sites


  •  CT Brain (cerebral / head)
  • CT Kidney Stones (KUB) -CT Lower Extremity (bone evaluation)
  • CT Sinuses (complete / limited/Landmarx/IAC’s w/o contrast)
  • CT Cervical Spine
  • CT Thoracic Spine
  • CT Lumbar Spine
  • CT Upper Extremity
  • CT HRCT, CT Chest WO, CT Low Dose Lung Screen
  • Bony MSK- follow up fracture exam

Patients must understand that they may have to wait for the next available appointment. Due to some insurance restrictions, we may have to schedule the appointment on a different date. Please verify if prior authorization is needed based on the patient’s insurance prior to coming in for a walk-in CT.